Phased print solutions help your business operate more efficiently & profitably.

GreenPrint for the Enterprise

Managing print consumption in an enterprise environment represents a huge savings opportunity. But the effort can be tricky. Different departments and users have different print habits and needs. Different print devices have different capabilities and cost profiles. GreenPrint offers a suite of software solutions that enable you to tackle print consumption with a phased, measurable and verifiable approach for each unique part of your organization.

GreenPrint Analytics ™

GreenPrint Analytics is a powerful business intelligence tool that identifies immediate cost savings opportunities and enables you to better manage your print operations over time.

GreenPrint Advisor ™

GreenPrint Advisor uses a simple color coding system to help your end-users identify low cost printer options. Advisor then gently guides them to shift print volume to those devices whenever possible.

GreenPrint preView+ ™

GreenPrint preView+ helps your end-users identify and eliminate print waste before it is printed, dramatically reducing print volume and associated costs!