About CTP

CTP was founded in Seattle in 2009 with a mission to be a single-source for Green IT products and expertise. Clean Technology Partners, or CTP, delivers waste-reducing solutions to our partners and customers, saving them time and money while advancing sustainability goals. These solutions fall into 3 categories: Plug-load waste reduction, PC power management software, and print waste reduction software.

Green IT solutions provide organizations with extremely fast investment paybacks. However, coordinating these complex cross-departmental projects is sometimes challenging and, all too often, project results don’t match their potential. The principals of CTP were among the world’s first producers of Green IT solutions and have led hundreds of implementations worldwide since 2001. In addition to this unique experience, CTP distinguishes itself through the selection of the very best product in each of our categories and our professionalism. CTP is not simply selling products, it is providing solutions that will truly make a difference when properly implemented and operated.

In addition to professionally installing our solutions, CTP is available for contract project management. I have my PMP accreditation and completed the highly-ranked Villanova University project management program.

Thank you for considering CTP for your Green IT requirements. We look forward to working with your organization and demonstrating how we can help the environment, one bottom-line at a time!


Managing Director

Dave Harvey