Energy Management

Clean Technology Partners (CTP) provides Best-Of-Breed solutions to rampant plug-load energy waste.

In all organizations, one of the major contributors to electricity consumption are devices plugged in to power outlets. These range from printers and copy machines to vending machines, water fountains, desk lamps, etc. In its 2010 Building Energy Data Book, the US Department of Energy reported that at least 26% of commercial building energy use may be attributed to plug-load sources.

Due to the large array of devices and the different ways available to control them, Clean Technology Partners (CTP) has developed relationships with three different OEM’s to provide our customers with multiple options for addressing this large source of energy waste intelligently and measurably.

For desk-area devices such as desk lamps, mp3 players, fans, and individual heaters, where measurement and control of these devices isn’t important, CTP recommends SmartStrips.

For already-built environments where our customers want to add measurement and control of plug-load devices, CTP provides the BERT products.

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