Reducing Energy Use for Vending Machines, Coolers and other Electronic Devices.

EnergyMiser™ is a family of energy savings management solutions for refrigerated vending machines, glass-front coolers, snack machines and general plug-load devices (business machines, kitchen equipment, projectors, arcade games, etc.). 

EnergyMiser™ Products

EnergyMiser™ Highlights

EnergyMiser™ devices are installed in over 200,000 locations across the US and UK.

Devices use motion, occupancy and local temperature sampling to determine if the machine needs full-power or not.

Savings of up to 45% are reported, providing users with a 12-month simple payback.

Simple “plug-n-play” installation for on the machine or simple wall-mount installation above the machine.

Utility rebates are available in some regions.

How Misers Work

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