Case Study

Scenario: A Multi-state health care organization was seeking a means of both better managing its vast computer fleet, and of reducing energy consumption system-wide. Computers were located throughout the system in hospital rooms, roaming workstations, nursing stations and administrative locations. Immediate access to computers, particularly those associated with patient care, is required.

Evaluation: The customer agreed to test one of CTP computer power management solutions through an audit, or proof-of-concept, project. The software was loaded onto over 22,000 computers in the system and allowed to collect data for 3 weeks. In parallel, the IT team tested the functionality for waking computers and the software’s reporting and management tools.

Results: The audit showed the organization would save about 65% of their currently-consumed energy to operate their computer fleet. Even though many of the organization’s 40,000 computers were in areas served with low-cost electricity, and most of their computers were modern and efficient, their software and services investment for the project would be paid out of savings within 13 months. The organization’s many facilities are served by several electric utilities. About 12,000 of their computers are in regions where utility rebates were available for the project to further improve its payback.