PC Power Management

PC Power Management is the concept of centrally managing all of an organization’s computer power settings for the purpose of dramatically reducing energy waste. While there are a lot of ways to turn off computers, few do the job in a way that is actually appropriate with real-world computer usage. Clean Technology Partners (CTP) has as much experience with this technology as anyone in North America and offers its customers multiple solutions and implementation services.

Wikipedia describes PC Power management as follows:

“A typical office PC might use on the order of 90 watts when active (approximately 50 watts for the base unit, and 40 watts for a typical LCD screen); and three to four watts when ‘asleep’. Up to 10% of a modern office’s electricity demand might be due to PCs and monitors.

While some PCs allow low power settings, there are many situations, especially in a networked environment, where processes running on the computer will prevent the low power settings from taking effect. This can have a dramatic effect on energy use that is invisible to the user. The monitor may have gone into standby mode, and the PC may appear to be idle, but operational testing has shown that on any given day an average of over 50% of an organization’s computers would fail to go to sleep, and over time this happened to over 90% of the machines.”

Computers in a commercial environment routinely waste 200-400 kWH of electricity annually. CTP provides a solution to eliminate much of this waste. CTP’s team has been implementing PC Power Management software worldwide since 2001, and can offer you unparalleled expertise.

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