Public Schools

Case Study

Scenario: CTP was engaged by a prominent ESCO (energy services company) to help a public school district in Connecticut with their plug-load energy waste as part of a larger energy efficiency performance contracting project. The district had 6 schools and multiple administrative buildings. The customer wanted to reduce the cost of operating their computer fleet beyond what they were able to do with SCCM, shut down devices near those computers, and control other office equipment like overhead projectors and copiers.

Evaluation: CTP loaded Faronics Power Save, a PC power management software solution, onto the district’s 1200 computers in ‘audit’ mode so that no settings were changed and Power Save simply collected data on current behavior. In parallel, CTP sent evaluation Smart Strips and BERT devices to the customer to test. The Smart Strips are very complementary to PC power management software, as the Smart Strips can be controlled by the software so that when the computers are driven to low power states (Off, Standby, Hibernate), other devices that are plugged into the Smart Strip are also powered-down. This was an excellent solution for the district’s plug-load draws that were near computers. BERT plug-load devices were chosen to control their projectors, vending machines and copiers. The BERT devices communicate to BERT Brain control software over the district’s Wi-Fi network so that they can be given an operating schedule to assure that they are off when not needed at night.

Results: CTP was able to be a single source for multiple solutions for the ESCO and the school district. The proof-of-concept project showed that the Power Save software would provide substantial savings beyond current practices, with projected annual savings being 254kWh per computer. Given the typical plug-load draws near the computers, such as printers, external drives, additional monitors and chargers, the Smart Strips were forecasted to save about 75 kWh per strip. Smart Strips also provide guaranteed surge suppression to protect their valuable equipment. Further, the BERT solution was selected to reduce energy consumption in selected vending machines, copiers and projectors. The annual savings estimate for the vending machines is $120, $85 for copiers and $30 for projectors.