Case Study

Scenario: A large Canadian university’s staff was tasked with evaluating its print costs and reducing plug-load expenses throughout its campus. The university had a mix of printers, including printers from different manufacturers, and both networked and local printers. They had visibility to who was printing, what printers were most heavily used, and how many local printers were in operation. The university had previously installed PC power management software with its ESCO but though their night-audits the ESCO and the university realized that there were still many items that were still running unnecessarily.

Evaluation: CTP presented GreenPrint’s Enterprise Suite and, specifically its Analytics module, to the university as a means of collecting data on all print jobs from a simple, cloud-based management console. CTP and GreenPrint installed the software for 30 days to give the university a snapshot of their printing habits for that time period. The university tested Smart Strips as a means of protecting their valuable computer equipment against power surges and to intelligently shut-down items that are connected and not in-use.

Results: The university and its ESCO energy efficiency partner found the Smart Strips to be very useful and a high-quality means of protection, leading them to purchase 1920 for the university. The university was surprised to learn, through GreenPrint Analytics, how many people on campus were using USB-connected local printers, which are extremely expensive to operate. Further, they were able to track users with high print-volumes to discuss behavior changes. Analytics acted as a business intelligence tool for the organization. Realizing how expensive – both financially and environmentally – it is to print, the university purchased GreenPrint Analytics for all of their computers to track print behavior on an ongoing basis.