Integrated product platform for seamless operation.

Verdiem Surveyor delivers three IT efficiency solutions in a single integrated product. Surveyor provides a unified approach for IT device data collection, policy management, administration, and analytics. With over a decade of enterprise IT experience, Verdiem meets the most demanding enterprise requirements for scalability, reliability, and security, while delivering value linearly from large down to small and mid-sized organizations. Plus, Surveyor integrates with leading client lifecycle management tools such as Microsoft System Center and Symantec Altiris.

PC Power Management

Verdiem delivers the most enterprise-proven solution on the market, with energy savings up to 60%. Surveyor is a highly scalable platform supporting hundreds to hundreds of thousands of devices. We overcome deficiencies in the operating system that cause sleep disorders, resulting in limited savings. To optimize savings, our flexible power management policies support distributed workforces with policies by role, location, or department. As important, the solution is transparent to end users. Surveyor has the most accurate algorithm to determine when a user is actively interacting with their system. No automatic shutdowns or annoying pop-ups!

Enterprise PC Wake

Equally important, Surveyor reliably wakes the PC fleet for security updates and patch management. Typical Wake on LAN implementations are only 60-70% effective, leaving your PC fleet exposed to vulnerabilities. We’ve taken Wake on LAN to the next level with Surveyor Wake on WAN that delivers 90%+ wake effectiveness. Surveyor wakes computers through a Wake on WAN proxy computer, which is auto-selected on each subnet. The proxy is kept awake and works with the Surveyor server to receive wake requests and forwards them to the other computers on the same subnet.

Print Analytics

Our solution focuses on end user-generated print activity from their personal computers, with savings of up to 30%. We monitor all print jobs and which printers they are sent to. Our approach lets you answer who, what, when, and where questions. Our 30+ reports include top 10 most active end users, largest documents printed, and most used printers. By monitoring all print jobs from PCs, we deliver valuable insights into local vs. networked printers. Now, IT can flag the most used local printers and shift volume toward less expensive networked printers.