Wake Smart


WakeSMART is a next-generation solution that enables organizations to measure, manage and monitor all of their computing and portable devices and track their locations. Through energy savings and by improving IT administrative efficiency, WakeSMART pays for itself within 12 months.

Cloud-based WakeSMART suits a wide spectrum of organizations. On-premise implementations are an option. Installation and system administration are fast and efficient. WakeSMART is a secure, encrypted platform. Further, WakeSMART will future-proof your organization to administer future platforms and to continue reducing overall administrative costs!


Save Money

  • Typically saves over 30% of power used to operate a computer fleet
  • Improve success in Waking computers for administration
  • Measure and manage savings on an ongoing basis
  • Participate in Utility Demand-reduction programs
Administrative capabilities


  • Centrally manage Window, Mac, Chrome and
    plug-load devices
  • Track and manage mobile devices
  • Extend battery life of mobile devices
  • Enable access for remote workers
  • WAKE disparate platforms for administrative